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Comprehensive Investigative and Intelligence Services for the modern era.  

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About Us

G2 Investigations and Intelligence is a global leader in investigative services to organizations and individuals seeking professional and discreet solutions to their most critical problems. From covert surveillance to in-depth international Due Diligence investigations, G2 Investigations and Intelligence will give you Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times.  

Our Services

Our Investigators and Intelligence Specialists bring extensive experience in the law enforcment and intelligence sectors to you and your organization.  Our intense dedication to our clients and their information requirements has positioned us as a global leader in the field of investigative services.  

Asset Searches and Financial Investigations

Our highly experienced financial investigators will locate assets and financial information to support your mission.  

Due Diligence 

In today's business environment, it is critical that you know who you're doing business with.  

Law Firm Support

Our experienced Private Detectives will support your civil and criminal cases with diverse skillsets.  

Business Intelligence

Due Dilligence, Reputation Investigations, Insider Threat, KYC,  Asset Searches, Covert Surveillance and more.  

 Private Investigations

Background Investigations, Pre-Employment Investigations, Social Media Investigations, Interviews, Criminal and Civil Cases.  

Global Intelligence

We can conduct operations across national borders and we have establsihed an international network to support your organization.  

Protection Services

Executive Protection, Residential Security, Travel Security, Evacuation Operations and Threat Mitigation Details.  

Threat Monitoring and GSOC Services

Global Security Operations Center and Threat Monitoring services for organizations.  Trained analysts assigned to your business.  

High Threat Protection

Our High Threat Protection Agents can operate anywhere in the world and have extensive military experience.  


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