G2 Investigations and Intelligence

G2 was established with the primary objective of creating a private intelligence agency to serve the private sector.  Accurate and timely Information is critical in the modern business environment.  From law firm support to business due diligence, G2 will provide your organization with the information needed to make important decisions.  

- Private Investigations
- Law Firm Investigative Support
- Business Due Dilligence 
- Employment Background Checks
- KYC (Know Your Customer)
- Surveillance
- Civil and Criminal Case Support
- Divorce, Child Support and Infidelity Cases
- Insider Threat Investigations

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A Global Footprint

G2 Investigations and Intelligence has established a global capability and will support your intelligence needs across borders.  Our Investigators and Intelligence Specialists have extensive experience in the law enforcement, intelligence and military sectors and will give you or your organization Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times.  


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